2020/21 Event Programme


Customer Benefits Programme: Goldsmiths' Company Collection Tour - 27th February 


Valuation Day - 6th March

Fakes & Forgeries Seminar - 30th March 


Customer Benefits Programme: Bobby White - 20th April 


Hallmarking Information Day - 8th June

Make Your Mark - 15th June 


Valuation Day - 10th July

Fakes & Forgeries Seminar Edinburgh - 13th July

Customer Benefits Programme Seminar - 27th July 


Valuation Day - 11th September


Fakes & Forgeries Seminar - 9th November

Valuation Day - 20th November



Customer Benefits Programme Seminar - 5th February 

Fakes & Forgeries Seminar - 15th March       

Fakes & Forgeries Seminar - 14th June        

Hallmarking Information Day - 9th July                                  

Jewellery Materials Congress - 18/19/20 July

Make Your Mark - 22/23 November

The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office is excited to bring a wide range of events to our customers, clients and the wider industry in 2020. We expect that our expanded portfolio of events will continue to develop the trade and provide unique experiences across the board. 


Make Your Mark will be returning in June 2020 and will give students and hobbyists the opportunity to identify relevant information about the trade and help guide them on their creative journey. Several exhibitions, demonstrations and talks will be given not only about the Hallmarking process, but also the steps necessary to enter the industry.


As part of our expanded portfolio of events, we’ll also be bringing the Customer Benefits Programme into fruition. With the aim of aiding our hallmarking customers, a series of informal educational discussions and exclusive opportunities will be held at Goldsmiths’ Hall. These small free events scattered throughout the year will be offered exclusively to our customers and will provide them with expert advice on a variety of themes and topics.


We’ll also be hosting a number of Fakes & Forgeries seminars this year. The seminars provide the chance for the Antique Plate Committee to share their unique knowledge. The Goldsmiths Company Assay Office will be holding a series of seminars designed to help develop the public’s understanding of how to spot a Fake or Forgery and the necessary steps if one is found. As part of our plan to increase our offering out side of London, we will be holding a seminar in Edinburgh this July.


If you have any questions about our programme of events, please don't hesitate to contact Jack Pudney at Jack.Pudney@assayofficelondon.co.uk


Be sure to keep an eye out for more events and opportunities as we add them throughout the year!