Modern Buffet Plate at Make Your Mark

The Modern Buffet Plate was commissioned in 2014 to showcase the work of the contemporary makers at Company Dinners in the Livery Hall.  It is a modern version of the original buffet display commissioned by the Company in 1740-1, realised by the most eminent makers of the day, including Paul De Lamerie.


The Modern Buffet Plate demonstrates the creative talent of makers working in the United Kingdom today.  It will be shown in the Livery Hall at Make Your Mark 2017.  

1. The Diamond Jubilee Dish’ by Rod Kelly, 2014.

Commissioned to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

2. Charger by Malcolm Appleby, 1992.

This dish, narrative in content, skilfully uses the techniques of hand engraving.

3. Rosewater Dish by Alex Brogden, 1996. 

Lord Tombs’ Prime Warden’s commission, the turbine blades and gas fields are symbolic of his work with Rolls Royce aero-engines.

4. Rosewater Dish by Rauni Higson, 2015. 

Lord Sutherland’s Prime Warden’s commission suggesting a Scottish burn.

5. Radiance Dish by Miriam Hanid, 2017.

William Parente’s Prime Warden’s commission representing unity amongst diversity.

6. Rosewater Dish by Angela Cork, 2015.

Mr Richard Agutter’s Prime Warden’s commission, the design is based on his love of sailing.