We offer state-of-the-art offices in three convenient locations around London

We offer state-of-the-art offices in three convenient London locations

Goldsmiths’ Hall

  • Our flagship office, where hallmarking began almost 700 years ago
  • Offers our full range of services
  • The location of our high-tech laboratory


Meet the Hall team here, and the office contact details here.  Read  more about the Hall itself here

Front entrance at Goldsmiths' Hall

Hatton Garden office on Greville Street

Greville Street

  • Specialises in priority hallmarking services for small quantities of items
  • Conveniently sited for the local community of Hatton Garden
  • Please note we do not accept post packets at the Greville Street office

Meet the team here, and the office contact details here.

Greville Street team


  • Provides a premium through-packet hallmarking service from plane to distributor with greater efficiency and lower security risks for importers and exporters
  • Use of this office is by prior arrangement

Meet the Hall team here, and the office contact details here.


Which office?

Goldsmiths' Hall Greville Street Heathrow
Postal Service
Customer drop off
Direct packets
Quantities over 10 (by prior arrangement only)
Lab services (smelt & assay) ✓ (drop off only)
International distribution
Priority services ✓ (by prior arrangement)
One Hour Service ✓ (up to 5 items) ✓ (up to 5 items)
Same Day Service ✓ (up to ten items) ✓ (up to ten items)
Overnight ("Early Hall") ✓ (up to 30 items) ✓ (up to 10 items)
Trading Standards Liaison
Expert services
Valuation ✓ (drop off only)
Educational seminars