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Additional Sponsor's Punch Order for use at Greville St. & Goldsmiths' Hall

Order your additional punch in the form below

* indicates designs not possible to make below 1.0mm

From August 1 2021, if your packets for struck marks are not submitted to the site where your punch(es) are held we will contact you. This will delay your packet.

You could choose to have a laser hallmark applied but if you do require a struck mark you will need to collect the unhallmarked packet, which will incur a non-hallmarking charge, and then resubmit a new packet at the site where your punch(es) are held.

For customers who request an additional punch to be made by completing the below form, we will continue to transfer your punch until the new one has been made. Due to high demand there will be an estimate of 6-8 weeks for punches to be made.

By completing the form you acknowledge that you are aware of all these stipulations.

We currently transfer your sponsor's mark punch(es) between our Goldsmith's Hall and Greville Street sites depending on which office you submit your packets to for hallmarking. Soon this transfer service will stop.  From August 1 2021 it is your responsibility to submit your packets for struck marks to the site where your punch(es) are held.

Ordering an additional punch will enable us to strike a hallmark on your items more quickly, as it will negate the need for your punch(es) to be transferred between these sites.

We are pleased to be able to offer to make a new punch for your existing sponsor's mark registration at a discounted part cost rate of £30+VAT.

By completing the form below you agree for us to make the additional punch and be invoiced for this amount.

Please place your order before July 31 2021.

  • Please confirm the office where you wish this new punch to be stored - the opposite to where you think your current one is.
  • Make sure you are selecting an appropriate size punch for the work being submitted at each site.
  • Swan neck punches cannot be made larger than 1.0mm.
  • Some shield designs cannot be made smaller than 1.0mm as indicated left.
  • Only 1 new punch can be made at this price & will be stored with us.
  • Whilst your new punch is being made we will continue to transfer your punch(es) between sites.
  • We will inform you when your new punch has been made.
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