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How to Submit a Packet Online

Before you begin, please note…

  1. You will need a printer
  2. Articles go inside packets; a group of packets go inside consignments.
  3. Summary of consignment rules:

A group of packets should be placed inside one bag or box which forms one consignment.  For each consignment you can select one service level, one sponsor’s mark, (and one return address if you’re posting). You can only have one invoice address per consignment.

  1. Summary of rules per packet:

You can select one marking method, one type of hallmark, and one fineness. Then, every packet must adhere to the consignment rules.

Log into your online account, entering your username and password from the Home Page.

1. In My Account

  • It shows all the sponsor’s mark(s) you are registered to use (most people will only have one)
  • You can amend your log in details, invoicing details, and stored delivery addresses (for return special delivery consignments) – manage your account yourself!
  • You can add your additional contacts – these may be others in your Company who would be responsible for your business
  • You can download an image of the London townmark – the leopard’s head, and a jpeg of your sponsor’s mark. You can also download a badge for your website stating “Proud to Hallmark in London”. Why not link this to our website to show your customers?
  • Plus, you can contact us to purchase a jpeg image of a full hallmark featuring your sponsor’s mark

2. Click Submit Packet

  • A pop up outlines what you will need to do
  • Choose the sponsor’s mark which you require for the packet you are submitting.
  • Amend your contact details for this consignment if needed.
  • Click Next Step
  • From here you begin to build your consignment to us. A consignment consists of one or more packets. Input details of your first packet in the consignment. 
    • Enter an optional packet reference – this is for your own reference to help track. You can search using this reference later.
    • Choose your metal standard.
    • If your packet contains articles of mixed metals please state what they are here, and if you wish those parts to have a part mark
    • Choose the Mark Type you require - drop down option are Full Traditional UK Hallmark, Minimum UK Hallmark, Convention Hallmark, Traditional UK + Common Control Mark
    • Select Marking Method – Laser, Struck or Assay Office discretion
    • Let us know if you have already applied your sponsor’s mark
    • Select the service level you require for the whole consignment.
    • Enter any special requirements you require in the box provided adding the special request form for any drawings you may wish to provide. 

3. Contents - Entry 1

  • Enter your article description – you can group to type, ie “rings / pendants” etc. Then enter a total weight of these articles should you wish. Enter a quantity.
  • Choose to add more articles - click "Add Another Entry" and repeat for further additions.
  • When you complete the contents select Add Another Packet to add another packet to your consignment. OR select Next Step if you have finished building your consignment.
  • Click Next step to proceed to Submission and Return
  • Each different fineness / sponsor’s mark / mark type / marking method will need to be submitted in separate packets

4. Submission and Return

  • Select which office you will submit your consignment to.
  • Select how you wish your consignment to be returned. If you select Post Back you are prompted to select an insurance value, and weight.
  • If your Return Delivery Address is to your invoice address you have the option of selecting one of your stored addresses, or entering a new one here.

5. Next step

  • Summary – the opportunity to review the packets within your consignment, and add extra packets to it should you wish
  • Click Submit Packets
  • Your articles have been submitted and are in our system

6. Delivery Note 

  • Where you are only submitting one packet in your consignment, click on Delivery Note and print both pages – one page is your external label, please affix this to the outside of your consignment. The other is your Delivery Note to be put in the packet inside the consignment.
  • If you have submitted a group of packets, place them inside one bag or box. This is your consignment. Please click on Delivery Note for each packet within that consignment and print both pages – put each inside the corresponding packet. You only need one external label for the outside of your consignment - affix the external label which corresponds with packet A only.