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Laser Engraving

Bespoke laser engraving and punch making services

If you wish to submit laser engraving to us please complete the Laser Engraving Attachment form and send it in with your packet.

Please note that due to exceptional demand we are currently unable to accept any priority packets which contain "Moderate" & "Complex" laser engraving requests.

Laser engraving is suited to a wide range of items.

At the Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office, we are experts in using the latest laser marking techniques - not just for hallmarking purposes, but also to enable customers to add their own personalised touch. We now also have the capability to laser-cut punch designs in house.

Using a very fine high-powered laser beam, we are able to create a highly detailed hallmark. Laser marking is suited to a wide range of items (both precious and non-precious metals), particularly thin or hollow pieces.

In addition to hallmarking, this specialist service is ideal for your lettering, serial numbers, logos and signatures - on individual pieces as well as on bulk runs.


Leopard Cufflinks with 3D Laser Engraving

As well as hallmarks, our lasers can be used to create:

  • Logos
  • Trade Marks
  • Stone weights
  • Serial numbers
  • Signatures
  • Lettering

Our bespoke laser engraving service is available for individual pieces as well as bulk runs, on both precious and non-precious metals. It's ideal for branding your pieces or adding a personal touch to special gifts or commissions.

Available fonts

For further information please contact us. We can recommend the laser technique most suited to your pieces, and advise on achievable results.

We are able to apply text to your items in only three fonts; Times New Roman, Arial and Lucida Calligraphy. Please note that Lucida Calligraphy has higher and lower parts to the text which can cause the main body of the characters to appear smaller. Request this in the laser engraving attachment form.

We can also apply a simple image or branding to your items. Please note we are unable to laser engrave pictures or fingerprints. For this please send an Adobe Illustrator file(.ai) , Scalable Vector Graphic file (.SVG),  or very high resolution jpeg, usually 1MB or higher depending on detail, to us here. Please note if you can zoom into the file and it is blurry then this will not be a suitable file. We will upload the image to the lasers to make sure the image is suitable. There is a charge of £55+VAT for each attempt so please make sure the file is of suitable resolution.

Please note, while we endeavour to meet your requested turnaround time for laser engraving it's not always possible to complete during a Priority Hallmarking Service timescale. Packets with laser engraving in are also likely to take longer than packets with just hallmarking in. Please bear this in mind when you make your engraving request. 

Service Height of Characters/Image Details of application
Simple Lettering Must be 2mm or less & in One straight line engraved in one application
Moderate Lettering Must be 2mm or less but can be in Multiple straight lines which are engraved in one application
Complex Lettering Anything engraved over 2mm or has Any one line of characters engraved on a curve and/or engraved with mulitple applications
Simple Logo 6mm or less and Engraved in one application
Complex Logo Over 6mm or Engraved in multiple applications

What is a Laser Engraving Application?

Our state of the art laser engraving machines cut the required images or text on to your items. Lasers can generally only cut at the same focal distance from the lens and within a defined field of vision.

So if your item is not flat then the image required for engraving may need to be broken down into separate images and applied in multiple applications.

Essentially an "Application" is how many times we have to cut your one image or text.

Examples of this include engraving on the inside of rings, on the outside of a trophy, teapot, napking ring or ring and a large image bigger than the field of vision which is around 70mm x 70 mm.

Complex: Engraving curved around the inside of the ring.

Complex: Lettering applied in area larger than field of vision and on a curved surface.