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Submission and Service Guide

Guidelines to help you submit your work to us correctly.

Consignment rules

A group of packets should be placed inside one bag or box which forms one consignment.  

For each consignment you can select one service level, one sponsor’s mark, (and one return address if you’re posting). 

You can only have one invoice account/address per consignment.

Packet rules

You can select one marking method, one type of hallmark, and one fineness. Mixed metal items can be submitted with packets of the same type as the lowest standard.

Then, every packet must adhere to the consignment rules.  The below tables indicate submission rules dependent on service level, and site. These correspond to our Terms & Conditions.

Specific placement/Instructions for position of hallmark

If you have a specified area for us to hallmark your item please place an indication on the item stating in special requests "mark where indicated". Please make clear any desired orientation or size. If there is no indication, orientation or size requested we will mark as we deem suitable. Please bear in mind the realms of what is possible in your selection.

Hallmarking service details and availability

Service Level Paper Hallnote (incurs surcharge) Online Hallnote Greville Street Goldsmiths' Hall
Standard X
Next Day (Early Hall)
One Hour
Postal Services X
Second Hand X
Special Assay N/A X
Service Level Standard Hallmarking Display/Bespoke Marks Laser Engraving Laser Logo
Next Day (Early Hall) * * *
One Hour X * *
Postal Services
Second Hand
Special Assay N/A N/A N/A N/A

* packets submitted containing requests for these services will still be charged and processed as a priority packet but the delivery time cannot be guaranteed.  Failed items, logos, engraving and bespoke marks incur additional charges – they will be processed as a priority but the completion time cannot be guaranteed and are likely to take longer than the timeframe stated for packets submitted without these additional services. 

Packet quantity and timings

Greville Street - closed 12pm-1pm

Service Level Maximum Packet Size Latest Submission Time Latest Completion Time
Next Day (Early Hall) 10** 5pm 5pm next working day
One Hour 5** 3.00pm 4.00pm same day
Postal Services X X X
Second Hand X X X
Display/Bespoke Marks*** Service dependent 5pm Service Dependent - Not guaranteed for times stated above
Special Assay X X X

Goldsmiths' Hall

Service Level Maximum Packet Size Latest Submission Time Latest Completion Time
Standard No limit N/A N/A
Next Day (Early Hall) **** 30** 5pm 5pm next working day
One Hour 5** 3pm 4pm same day
Postal Services Service dependent Service dependent Service dependent
Second Hand No limit N/A 10+ days dependent on complexity
Special Assay N/A N/A 10+ days dependent on service
Display/Bespoke Marks*** Service Dependent 5pm Service Dependent - Not guaranteed for times stated above

**packets submitted using a paper hallnote, containing larger quantities of articles than these limits will still be charged and processed as a priority packet but the delivery time cannot be guaranteed.

*** Due to display/bespoke marks being more complex than standard hallmarking packets submitted for larger marks may take longer than the designated lead time for priority services.

**** Next Day/Early Hall service will be ready for completion the next working day, including post packets.

Submission rules and exclusions

  • The rules and exclusions form part of the Terms and Conditions.
  • Your failure to submit Packets in line with the rules set out in this Schedule voids the estimated turnaround times specified above and the Service Level will automatically revert to Standard. 
  • Fair Usage policy applies. Fair use is deemed to be a minimum of 3 packets completed within the time frame for the service per customer per day.
  • These Services and Service Levels apply only to Hallmarking Services - not additional services such as larger bespoke marks, laser engraving of text/logos.
  • Paper Hallnotes must be fully completed - online submission allows us to get all the information we require so this is the best method of submission.
  • State any specific marking instructions. We will not be held liable for any issues due to instructions being omitted.
  • When posting your articles to us you must write which service you require on the outside of the packet so we can prioritise it accordingly which the online submisison process fulfils. 
  • Your Punch must be held at the site where You submit Your Packet(s) if you require a struck mark.
  • The estimated turnaround times are calculated based on the time of receipt at Our counter and the Packet being ready for Your collection or for posting.
  • All Articles within a Packet must be of the fineness at which they were submitted, ie. pass Assay. Any items which fail to meet the hallmark rules requested for this fineness will result in delays to your work.
  • All Articles within a Packet must be complete in manufacture containing all component parts.
  • Timeframe for our Standard Service depends on Our workload, but will normally be between 3 and 10 working days after the day of receipt.
  • We no longer accept cash or cheques.
  • It may not be possible to make changes to your packet once we have received it. If a change is needed to an online packet prior to submission, you should withdraw it and start a new submission for it. Contact us stating the packet number to be withdrawn. Any changes to packets will incur a £15+VAT Change to Packet Processing fee if agreed.