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Lead Times

We update this page to help you manage your lead times.

The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office is committed to providing the best service possible to our customers, enabling you to satisfy your customer needs. Our standard service fluctuates due to demand.

Note that the day we receive your packet is classed as Day 0. Lead time quoted is based on working days. We are closed at weekends and on bank holidays. 

Estimated Lead Time for Standard Service

6 days

Last updated on 7 May. Amended from 7 days.


Your packet may be quicker if:

  • Your packet has 10 items or fewer
  • The hallmark is applied at our discretion, or
  • You have clear instructions on where and how to hallmark
  • No items fail Assay
  • You have submitted your packet online, making sure your online barcode is on the outermost of the packaging

Your packet may be delayed if:

  • Any items in your packet fail Assay
  • Your marking instructions are not clear
  • You have moderate/complex bespoke hallmarking
  • You have laser engraving requests
  • You have failed to submit your work in accordance with our Service & Submission Guide

Estimations above are for packets submitted today only.

Please note:

  • Your packet/consignment must adhere to service level restrictions based in Service and Submission Guide.
  • It may not be possible to make changes to your packet once we have received it. If a change is needed to an online packet prior to submission, you should withdraw it and start a new submission for it. Contact us stating the packet number to be withdrawn. Any changes to packets will incur a Change to Packet Processing Admin fee, if agreed.
  • We cannot provide updates prior to estimation of completion date. Sign up for packet ready emails in the online account to know when your packet is ready.
  • Moderate and/or complex bespoke hallmarking can take longer depending on complexity.
  • If you submit your work to us using a paper hallnote there will be a delay before it appears on your online account dashboard. It only appears there once we open the packet and assign it to your account. If your work is submitted online it is assigned as received immediately.
  • All Next day packets have a target completion date of the following working day (exemptions apply), incl. Post packets. Post Next day packets will be shipped as soon as they are ready to go.

See Speeds of Service for more options

Flow chart to show time frame example of packet completion