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Please email us or fill out our Contact form. If you feel a call back is required just let us know and we will arrange this.

We are able to respond to you better online, answering any queries you may have, enabling us to offer a more efficient Hallmarking service.

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You can register online for your sponsor's mark. Instructions can be found in the video and you can do so here.

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How to Renew Your Sponsor Mark Registration

Your Sponsor Mark Registration needs renewing every 10 years and can only be done in the online account. Once this has been set up please see instructions here on how to renew when the time is near.

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How to Set Up Your Online Account

You may be one of our loyal long-standing customers so may not have an online account set up.

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How to Submit Your Packet Online

Read here for detailed information.

How to Pay for Your Packet Online

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How to Download Your Invoice

Read here on how to download the invoice for your packet.

What else can be done in the Online Account?

The online account gives you full control over many aspects of your details. For more information on what else can be done click here.

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