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HALO Award 2023 features on Jewellers Academy podcast

Are you using the full potential of the hallmark to help sell your jewellery? Do you showcase your hallmark in a creative way? 

The HALO Award rewards effective online initiatives promoting the importance of hallmarking.  The award encourages all online retailers to review their hallmarking information and raise the profile of hallmarks.

This week the Jewellers Academy podcast covered the subject in Episode 163: What is the Halo Award and how hallmarking can add to your story as a jeweller.  Host Jess said "Hallmarking is a powerful way to help educate your customers about your jewellery quality, build trust and tell the story of your brand.

This week on the podcast I’m joined by Marion Wilson and Charlotte Turner who talk about this year’s HALO Award, which honours jewellers who are promoting hallmarking in creative ways.

Marianne and Charlotte explain how you can apply for the HALO Award, share examples of last year’s winners, and talk about the benefits of hallmarking for you and your customers.

If you have a creative way of showcasing your hallmark and would love the opportunity to apply for the HALO award then make sure to listen to this episode.

Visit for full details."

Listen here

Episode Description:

  • Today we’re talking with Marianne Wilson and Charlotte Turner about hallmarking (1:14)

  • What is the HALO Award, and why does it exist? (2:23)

  • Can you explain why hallmarking is important? (6:55)

  • How can independent jewellers promote hallmarking? (10:32)

  • Why is hallmarking beneficial for jewellers? (18:21)

  • How do you apply for the HALO Award? (24:40)

  • Where to learn more about hallmarking (36:16)