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Jewellers Academy Podcast Episode 39 - Hallmarking

Marketing Manager Charlotte Turner, and Customer Service Manager Adam Phillips were guests on The Jewellers Academy Podcast, episode 39.  

Topics covered as follows, with time stamps:


  • Let’s start with the basics - what is hallmarking? (2:00)

  • How does a new jeweller get started with hallmarking? (5:08)

  • Can anyone get a hallmark in the UK? (6:49)

  • There are a few different options for marks - can you tell us about the differences? (7:29)

  • Are there special marks people can get? How do you get one? (15:09)

  • There’s some confusion around hallmarking mixed metals. How are mixed metal pieces marked? (19:32)

  • What if you have a silver ring that is under the weight mark and it has a bit of gold that is over the weight? (25:01)

  • What is the dealer’s notice and what do we need to do as jewellers? (29:55)

  • Brexit has happened, how have the hallmarking rules changed due to this? (35:07)

  • Is the convention mark the same as the common control mark? (38:50)

  • If I’m a UK supplier and selling to another country, do I need to follow their local hallmarking guidelines? (41:22)

  • Does the UK have one of the most strict hallmarking guidelines? (42:47)

  • Are there any other things you’d like to share with those listening? (48:20)