Make Your Mark Awards 2019 Shortlisted Entries

Shortlisted entries for our Make Your Mark Awards 2019.  Applicants were asked to design pieces which met the following criteria:

– Design or make a piece in precious metal that celebrates the London hallmark

– Comply with the Hallmarking Act 1973, click here.

– Exhibit originality and aesthetic appeal

– Demonstrate excellence in craftsmanship and/or design.

Student Entries

  • Daniel Brocklehurst

    Daniel Brocklehurst

  • Gabriella Batchelor

    Gabriella Batchelor

  • Jing Jiang

    Jing Jiang

  • Mizuki Tochigi

    Mizuki Tochigi

  • Helen Cross

    Helen Cross

  • Heather Coleman

    Heather Coleman

  • Peter Roberts

    Peter Roberts

  • Smaranda Voican

    Smaranda Voican

  • Harriet Morris

    Harriet Morris

  • Rebecca Moulton

    Rebecca Moulton

  • Joy Bonfield-Colombara

    Joy Bonfield-Colombara

  • Kirstin Estaugh Moore

    Kirstin Estaugh Moore

  • Carla Davis

    Carla Davis

  • Heather Blake

    Heather Blake

  • Fiona Hutchinson

    Fiona Hutchinson

  • Jade Mellor

    Jade Mellor

  • Karen Lockton

    Karen Lockton

  • Sam Mccloud

    Sam Mccloud

  • Sarah Shelton-Palmer

    Sarah Shelton-Palmer

Graduate Entries

  • Manasi Depala

    Manasi Depala

  • Nicola Fabian

    Nicola Fabian

  • Etta Burton

    Etta Burton

  • Luis Garcia

    Luis Garcia

  • Loucinda Nims

    Loucinda Nims

  • Annabel Hood

    Annabel Hood

  • Annabel Hood

    Annabel Hood

  • Abigail Marsh

    Abigail Marsh

  • Anthony Wong

    Anthony Wong

  • Anthony Wong

    Anthony Wong

  • Anthony Wong

    Anthony Wong

  • Laura Breen

    Laura Breen

  • Martin Cameron

    Martin Cameron

  • Ninka Duval

    Ninka Duval