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Why is my priority packet delayed?

In August's newsletter we outlined some instances which delay your packet's progress.  The following can mean your work fall's out of the timescale requested:

  • A packet loses it's priority status if it fails, if there is an incomplete hallnote, or if a packet is incomplete.  A delay is caused by the need to seek information from you.  Once we have this, it becomes a priority packet again in the production line, but there is a time lapse while we get the information we need. Failed items incur additional charges.
  • Packets submitted containing requests for display/bespoke hallmarks, engraving, or logos will still be charged and processed as a priority packet but the delivery time cannot be guaranteed.  Logos, engraving and bespoke marks incur additional charges – they will be processed as a priority but the completion time cannot be guaranteed and are likely to take longer than the timeframe stated for packets submitted without these additional services. 

As a reminder, packet alerts are sent via email so please make sure your email address is up to date in your Account profile. If your packet’s progress is interrupted you will be alerted by email, and your response is needed before we can proceed. 

Read more on our Service and Submission Guide.