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Order an Additional Punch for an Existing Registration

Once you have registered with us you may need us to make you a sponsor's punch.

This may be if

  • You chose a laser-only registration and now wish to have a punch created - this means you can choose which method of marking you would like for each piece you submit to us. 
  • You require an additional sponsor's punch in a different size to the first one you ordered. Some of our customers have punches of various sizes linked to their account so they can select the hallmark size to correspond with the work they send to us.
  • You would like to use both Goldsmiths' Hall and Greville Street offices. As we no longer transfer punches between sites, you may wish to have another punch made of your original, so one can be stored at Goldsmith's Hall and one at the Greville Street office.

The choice is yours and we are happy to make these punches for you.

If you order a larger punch it is important to remember that it is more likely to distort and bruise your work because of the force needed to strike it, so you may need to set back the hallmark when you receive it back. This process flattens the impression of the hallmark on the reverse of your work.  Watch this video which explains how to set back the mark. 

To order a new punch for an existing registration, please complete the form below and we will make it for you, raising an invoice and contacting you in due course. Punches will be ready to be used in around 3-4 weeks.


Straight Punch
2 Initials 3 Initials 4 Initials 5 Initials
£77.50 £82.50 £89.00 £94.00
Swan Neck punch (needed for hallmarking rings)
2 Initials 3 Initials 4 Initials 5 Initials
£85.50 £90.00 £97.00 £102.00

Top - Swan Neck - required to be able to hallmark rings. Bottom - Straight Punch

Prices quoted above incl. VAT and are for standard shield designs as in image below, with Times New Roman and Arial font only.

Punches with a * next to number in image below can't be made smaller than 1.0mm.

If your punch is not of standard shield design as in image below then cost is £174.00 incl. VAT. All artwork of the design needs to be supplied to us in high resolution format, for us to be able to make the punch.


Size Height (in mm) Use
A 6.00 Large Holloware
B 5.00 Large Holloware
C 4.25 Large Holloware
D 3.50 Small Holloware
E 3.00 Small Holloware
F 2.50 Small Holloware
G 2.00 Napkin Rings, Frames, Large marks on Jewellery
H 1.75 Napkin Rings, Frames, Large marks on Jewellery
I 1.50 Napkin Rings, Frames, Large marks on Jewellery
J 1.25 Napkin Rings, Frames, Large marks on Jewellery
K 1.00 Solid Bangles, Large Jewellery
L 0.75 Small Jewellery, Rings
M 0.50 Small Jewellery, Rings

Shield Designs - * indicates those sponsor marks unable to be made less than 1.00mm

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Additional Punch Details
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