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Service Update

Due to a significant increase for assay and hallmarking, many of our services are being affected. Please read the updates below to help manage your expectations of our services at this time. 

We are sorry to introduce packet restrictions at this time of year, but in limiting our services it means we can aim to complete standard service hallmarking packets before the end of the year, returning them to our desired lead time. These restrictions allow the broader range of services to remain open suiting differing budgets and timeframes. This is a temporary measure and we will aim to resume normal services as soon as possible.

For Christmas deadlines, closing, and New Year opening information see here

One Hour Service suspended.

We are restricting the Next Day (Early Hall) service to one packet per customer per day, with a limit of 10 articles at Goldsmith's Hall and Greville St.

Standard Service typically taking 10 working days from day of receipt.

No moderate/complex laser engraving.

Please see the below table which will help you manage your lead times for your category of packet. Please try to adjust your lead time rather than using the priority next day service.

We will update this table when changes are made.  Note that the day we receive your packet is classed as Day 0.

From 20 or less Over 20 Large bespoke hallmarks Laser Engraving One Hour Next Day service
22 November 7 days 8 days > 8 days > 8 days Suspended Delays possible
24 November 8 days 9 days > 9 days > 9 days Suspended Delays possible
25 November 10 days 10 days 10 days 10 days - service restrictions Suspended Delays occurring - service restrictions
  • No service changes to your packet once you have submitted it to us.  If a change is needed to an online packet prior to submisison, you should withdraw it and start the submission again. Contact us stating packet number to be withdrawn.
  • An update on estimated time of completion is not always possible. Sign up for packet ready emails in the online account to know when your packet is ready.
  • We are restricting the Next Day (Early Hall) service to one packet per customer per day, with a limit of 10 articles.
    • Packets submitted containing requests for the Next Day service which fall outside of our current packet submission rules will be changed to standard service.
    • If multiple packets are received only one packet will be guaranteed.
  • No moderate and/or complex bespoke laser engraving to be submitted in any packets. Please follow link for guidance on these services.
    • Simple engraving is possible which is for short text (one word or date) or a logo (which is applied same height as hallmark). Should you submit requests for moderate or complex laser engraving, your engraving will not be done, not charged for and returned to you. 
  • If you submit your work to us using a paper hallnote there will be a delay before it appears on your online account dashboard. It only appears there once we open the packet and assign it to your account - our current workload means there is a delay to this process. If your work is submitted online it is assigned immediately.