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Website Payment Issue

We have recently set up Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for online payments – aka 3DS. This means that you need to verify transactions to ensure that they are processed; either via phone call or code sent via text message. This needs to be set up with your card provider/bank.


Make sure your invoice address is correct, it matches the address the card is registered to and that the telephone number field is populated.

If you experience any issues please go to your invoice address in the online account and click "save changes" - even if the address appears to match.

Please make sure the Telephone section has a relevant number in.

This will make sure the data being sent to each bank is correct.

Should the updating of your address not allow you to pay, please contact us.

We hope that by following these simple steps that you will be able to pay for your packets successfully online.

If you experience any other payment issues then Our Troubleshooting page may contain the answer to your query. Click here for this information.

If you still experience payment problems after following the steps above, please contact