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Guide to Completing Your Written Hallnote

The new Hallnote has been designed for ease of completion and translation of your requirements into simple instructions for our staff.

It also incorporates our new business rules regarding packet composition. Please ensure all sections are completed fully, this will make sure your packet can be processed in a timely fashion.

Read our new business rules here.

 You can now edit the hallnote as a PDF.  

1. Your details

This section is about the invoice account to which charges will be billed, you can also enter packet specific contact details, if they differ from those with have stored.  

  • You must give us the invoice address details
  • You must give us the correct account number for this address
  • Failure to do so will result in your packet being delayed as we do need to make sure the account we are putting your packet on is correct. 

2. Service level required

Tell us how quickly you want your work back, remember different services have different rules around packet sizes so be sure to check the details. Read more about Speed of Services. 

 3. Job details

What sponsors mark are we applying (if you haven’t done it already), which metal and fineness are the pieces made of, how would you like the mark applied (struck or laser), which type of mark do you require, have you added a special requests sheet or do you have logo or engraving requirements, or are the articles second hand?

Use the lined section for quantity and description of articles, the level of detail entered is up to you as our simple pricing structure solely requires the number of articles submitted.

4. Return method

Indicate how the work will be returned to you. If you aren’t collecting the packet from the counter use this section to tell us of an alternate post address and the level of postal insurance, if left blank we will assume the maximum value of £2500.

Finally complete the declaration on the bottom and submit your work to us.

If your packet contains standard Hallmarking (no display marks or complex engraving) it is simpler to complete our online Hallnote which guides you through the submission process.  Submit your work online here. 

Download a hallnote here.