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How to Set Up Your Online Account

The Online Account offers so much more, giving you full control over your account details, allowing packet payment & submission, packet tracking, amendment of contact details and packet ready notifications.

Steps to setting up your Online Account

  • Make sure we have your email address assigned to your account; email Customer Services¬†from the email address you wish to have assigned to your account if we do not have it.
  • Click here to set up your Online Account.
  • Enter your Assay Office Account Number. This can be found on any invoice we have sent you.
  • Enter the Postcode of your invoice address which can also be found on any invoice we have sent you.
  • Press Verify Account.
  • A Verification email will be sent to your email address. Please check your junk as it may be sent there.
  • Click on the link in the Verification Email and you will be asked for a password.
  • You will now have set up your online account and have access to all that it offers.
  • You can Login in the top right hand corner or to the left of the Login page.