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Extension of Greville Street opening hours


From Monday 5 October our Greville Street office will extend their opening hours to 10am - 4pm, Monday - Friday. 

They will continue to only offer a priority service option to match the output of a reduced team.  This means that only One Hour and Early Hall (next day) services are available there. 

Please note, one hour packets must be submitted by 3pm. There will be no time-bound financial guarantees. If your punch is not held at Greville Street we can only apply a laser hallmark on a priority service.  

Current services/limitations at Greville Street:

  • No moderate or complex laser engraving*
  • Complex and Moderate Bespoke Display Hallmarks will take longer*. A smaller hallmark is quicker to apply and fulfils the legal requirement to sell your items. Having a larger hallmark takes longer to apply. When requesting your style of hallmark please take this into account.
  • Maximum packet size limit remains at 10 items for Early Hall (next day), and 5 items for One Hour
  • We will not be able to give any timeframe on completion of packets. Please sign up to the automated emails in your online account to receive notification of when your packet is ready.
  • A postal service is not available at Greville street
  • Second Hand service and Special Assay service are suspended at Greville Street
  • You will be asked to observe social distancing at the premises. We can allow 2 customers in the office at one time so you may need to wait outside the office.

Please follow the guidelines below to make the service quicker for everyone.

  • Submit online. It allows us to provide you with a quicker service
  • Make sure your instructions are clear to enable us to provide you with an efficient service and reduce the need for follow-up calls. Please indicate where you would like us to hallmark but bear in mind the limitations of what you are requesting.
  • Make sure all items conform to the Hallmarking Act to prevent more intense scrutiny of the items in the Complex Sampling* process. 

Any packets submitted which are above the article amount maximums for the type of packet requested will be separated accordingly and will delay your packet.

*Terms of service can be found in the glossary section of the Pricelist Rules for Submission and Service Guide – be aware of the above adaptations to our offer at Greville Street. 

Please do not submit items to us if you or someone you have had contact with has had symptoms of COVID-19. If this is the case, we would also ask that you do not travel to visit the Greville Street office for up to 2 weeks.


We are doing our utmost to give the best service possible whilst making the production environment COVID safe.

We would appreciate your understanding during this difficult time whilst we continually improve as, and when, we can.  

We wish all our customers the best of health for their colleagues and family now, and in the future.