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Grand National Trophy 2018 Hallmarked in London 

For the first time in the Grand National’s history a new trophy will be designed every year during the sponsorship with the global diagnostics company Randox Health. The second of these five new trophies in this partnership will be fully unveiled in April. 

The trophy has been created in the workshop of leading silversmith Shannon O’Neill, whose work also features in the Goldsmiths’ Company’s Modern Silver Collection. She created the silver 2017 trophy, and has designed the next for 2018.  It's design marries the speed, agility and excitement of steeplechasing with references to DNA, and patterns representing the heartbeat of a horse.  More pictures to be revealed! 

Account Manager Adam Phillips had the pleasure of leaving his desk, and going back to the bench to hallmark the trophy this month.  He said "having a unique trophy each year is so exciting.  I was thrilled to be able to use my handmarking skills - I favoured large display marks when I began work here 20 years ago so it felt such a treat to be using them again on something so prestigious." 

Carousel images show base of the trophy bearing a Full Traditional UK hallmark, and Adam Phillips marking it, while silversmith Shannon O'Neill holds it in place.