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The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office Launches Video Guides

We are proud to launch a series of video guides to help customers, inform consumers, and provide information on hallmarking.

The guides use simple explanation with clear subtitles. We believe these will complement our visits, tours, events, and website to further the understanding of assaying and hallmarking.

Practical “How To” guidance is given on packaging, submitting work, using the online hallnote, and submitting mixed metal articles.  Also, procedural information on systems, security and methods is explained to make their internal processes more transparent and give insight “behind the scenes”. Naturally, legal rules are covered, along with explanations of each component mark in a hallmark.

Customer Account Manager Adam Phillips said “These videos enable us to show, demonstrate, and make things really clear for our customers.  Using film, we can highlight problematic topics accurately without a level of misinterpretation. We hope our customers will share them with their customers in turn to help them understand the provenance of their pieces, and the story that the hallmark tells.”

To develop the videos, Adam and his colleagues looked back into the Goldsmiths’ Company archives.  “We uncovered a film with footage from the 60s and 70s – that was great and had the “BBC voice” clipped commentary – and I remember some films from the early 2000s, but this is the first suite of guides to appear as a whole body of work.”

Seventeen video guides are available on the website now here, along with a revised version of the 1968 film "Hallmarking" produced by British Films Ltd 1979.