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How to Pay for Your Packets in the Online Account

Your Online Account offers the easiest way to pay for your packets.

Please follow these simple steps to pay for your packet.

1. Log in to your online account by clicking on Login in the top right hand corner. If you are logged in already Click on My Account and then View Account.

  • If you do not have an online account please click here for information on how to set one up.

2. Click on Track Packet and Pay.

3. Find the packet(s) you wish to pay for either by using our Packet Number or your Customer Reference. Highlight the Payment Circle(s) for the packet(s) you wish to pay for.

4. Scroll down and press the Pay Now Button.

5. Pay for the packet by selecting a saved card or add a new card.

6. Press Pay Now

7. Should there be any credit on your account please tick the Yes button use it for the Amount Due.

8. You will be redirected and need to enter further details to pay.

9. Your Payment is now successful.