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Annual UK Hallmarking Figures for 2021

The total number of articles sent for hallmarking at all UK offices in 2021 rose by 47.7% to 8,687,131. 

Gold, silver and platinum saw a rise in the quantity of articles hallmarked, palladium saw a decline.

Date Published: 04 February 2022

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2022 Trial of the Pyx sees largest coin in Royal Mint's history

•    The Queen’s Beasts 10kg gold coin is one of the coins being sent to the Trial of the Pyx, an annual judicial process that upholds the quality of the nation’s coinage.
•    As the responsibility of the Goldsmiths’ Company, the 700-year-old Trial ensures every coin made by the Royal Mint meets a strict set of standards aimed at protecting consumers.
•    The 10kg gold coin will be the largest coin to have been tested at the Trial and will be assessed by a jury of Goldsmiths’ Company members for its fineness and quality.

Date Published: 03 February 2022

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